Dashi Master Marusaya

Managed by Japanese katsuoboshi (bonito flakes) wholesaler Marusaya, this Robertson Quay restaurant prides itself on its savory, umami-packed, two-year aged housemade dashi (in which bonito flakes are an essential ingredient). The MSG-free soup stock features in a range of dishes: udon (from $13), oden ($15), ohitashi ($9)—cold vegetable appetizer—and, most notable, their shabu shabu (from $40). At lunch, there are also value for money sets such as salmon ikura chirashi ($22).

The sun-drenched, high-ceilinged space seats about 85 people, and is covered in warm wood and flanked by a long, tufted leather booth, making it perfect both for an intimate dinner with friends as well as a solo lunch for when you’re trying to get away from the office.