Dessert Ministry

The buzz: This is the latest dessert spot to spring up in the city, with a heavily Asian-centric menu punctuated with select Western classics.
The vibe: Parked right beside Burger Bench & Bar in Orchard Cineleisure, they’ve clearly got the right feel for the crowd and location. It’s less about the décor and more about serving up yummy, fuss-free desserts.
The food: With a whopping 80 desserts available, you can take your pick from crème brûlée ($4.80), black sesame ice cream with strawberries in a young coconut ($7.80) and dark chocolate pudding with peanuts ($5.60). Traditional Chinese sweet soups including papaya and white fungus in almond cream ($5.20) and walnut and black sesame cream (from $3) are also on offer. Also made in-house is the daifuku, in flavors such as mango, strawberry, matcha and D24 durian (all $3.50 for two pieces, except
durian $4.20).
The drinks: We truly enjoyed the hot red date with longan tea ($5.50), sweetened with evaporated milk. Like their desserts, the variety of chilled drinks have differing permutations such as mango with coconut milk and honey jelly ($4.20), watermelon juice and aloe vera ($3.80) and strawberry milkshake and Azuki bean ($4.80).
Why you’ll be back: To have some quick and cheap desserts before and possibly after a movie. Or, you know, whenever you need a sugar rush.