DOMVS, the Italian Restaurant

We can’t help but be drawn by DOMVS’s tranquil ambiance and authentic Italian food. This dining place boasts dark hues, modern furniture and a menu inspired by Sicilian cuisine. The mood is reassuring and peaceful—making you feel as if time has slowed down, and your troubles are left behind. And the polite, prompt wait staff will only make you feel more at ease. Chef Lino Sauro has done well with the culinary offerings too. The appetizer salted ricotta cheese and green beets warm tart with porto-apple sauce was sweet and tasty, tempting us to order another helping. If you like something simpler, try the cuttlefish salad with lemon, sweet potatoes and marinated black olives. The risotto with “primo sale” Sicilian cheese, balsamic vinegar and sun dried tomatoes wasn’t excessively creamy or heavy, unlike some of the risottos we’ve tried at other places. And it didn’t take much of the prickly pear mousse with orange and yogurt sorbet to win us over. Complimentary chocolates served at the end of our meal made us rub our tummies in satisfaction—and thank goodness for the invention of Sicilian fare. More cut out for a romantic meal than a rowdy gathering, this is the place to keep in mind when you want to impress.

Mamma mia! Is your favorite Italian restaurant on our list of Singapore’s best?