Don & Grill Bistro

There are over 100 food items here (we kid you not) to choose from, making Don & Grill Bistro one of the most ambitious restaurants in the East. Boasting two separate Western and Japanese menus, proprietor Michael Tham decided to set up this 70-seater restaurant in the East because “of lower rents compared to more central areas,” he says. “We are also the only restaurant that carries two extensive Western and Japanese food menus … although we don’t do anything that’s fusion.” Having had six years of experience running two food stalls in Toa Payoh and Shenton Way serving, you guessed it, Western and Japanese food respectively, Tham decided to merge the two kitchens at this cozy joint, which reminds one of old-school cafes from yesteryears with its simple setting—and therein lies its charm. “Our unique selling point is also that we offer quality food at food court prices,” Tham adds, “which is important for an area filled with mainly families and teenagers … and I’ve had repeat customers who claim that our food is comparable to that of more established restaurants.” Don’s signature dishes like masala fish and chips, spicy whole spring chicken and spicy seafood spaghetti goreng pack quite a punch, while the tori teriyaki bento is another popular favorite among Don’s regulars. This is a good joint to check out if you’re with a large group of friends so that you can order a wide range of dishes and enjoy sharing portions.