Farmers & Chefs

The hype: Situated in the CBD, Farmers & Chefs is not your typical healthy cafe with passe grain bowls and kombucha. Serving fresh (and what they dub “real food”) dishes kept simple, as local as possible, yet nutritious, everything here is homemade, even the sauces.

The vibe: It’s easy to mistake Farmers & Chefs for a pop-up restaurant, what with its white canopy and casual, outdoorsy vibes. But fret not, the cafe is here to stay. Decked out in carefully crafted wooden furniture, the unostentatious spot is well-ventilated too, keeping you unusually cool in the Singaporean heat.

The food: For those who just can’t resist brunch options, pick The Farmer’s Breakfast ($10), which pairs creamy, scrambled eggs with a sous vide herbed boneless chicken thigh as well as a crisp rosti, best eaten with a dollop of the cafe’s trademarked dairy- and egg-free mayo, Farmer’s Soy Mayonnaise.

, Farmers & Chefs

Hearty yet healthy mains like the Kurobuta Pork Loin ($18) is also a must. As tender as pork can be, spread the house-made red wine apple compote on each piece for a sweet yet savoury bite.

There are also plenty of pasta dishes that won’t steer you wrong, like the fresh, vegetarian Pomodoro Pasta ($10) or Truffle Mushroom Cream with Asparagus ($14).

The drinks: While coffee and tea are available, cafe patrons in need of a truly refreshing beverage should pick the homemade barley ($2). The drink has delicate pieces of beancurd skin added to it, bringing more texture and flavour. 

Why you’ll be back: Forget your overpriced, faux healthy bowls; Farmers & Chefs proves you don’t have to break the bank or over-do food when it comes to clean eating by dishing out wholesome and delicious meals you can eat everyday.