Fatboy’s The Burger Bar

We’re big fans of burgers, oh yes we are. Big slabs of meat stacked in between two warm, toasted buns plus crispy lettuce and relish? Yum! So it was with great anticipation that we made a beeline for Fatboy’s, an American-style diner with minimalist décor and retro wall art that topped a poll as being the coolest burger joint in town. Considering the hype surrounding this place, we came expecting to queue. What we didn’t expect though, was the 30-minute wait to be seated while on a ferociously growling stomach as we watched plate after plate of handsome burger variations get served. There are eateries up and down the shophouse-lined street but none of them had the kind of buzz we experienced at Fatboy’s. We kicked off dinner with Beer Battered Onion Rings. They lacked crispiness and juiciness but then again, that’s not what we were there for. After hearing the name being echoed around the joint, we couldn’t help but get on the Fat Basterd bandwagon. When the specialty burger came, it was like we were seeing double—it came with double beef patty, double bacon and double cheese, with a limp-looking fried egg slotted in between sesame buns. The homemade Fatboy’s BBQ sauce was thick, sweet and tangy, which we liked, but it’s nothing to write home about, especially when home is a mere five minutes away from Ramly Burger. The beef was just as unimpressionable; it crumbled with every bite, suspiciously tasting like it’s been sitting in a freezer for a couple of hours. To be fair, we also had The Jeep Pun, a vegetarian giant of a burger with golden potato croquette, curry remoulade and Japanese cucumber on honey oat bun. Now this was something else. The potato was piping hot and flavorful, and we loved the sweet honey oat bun. If you live nearby and are craving for hunks of meat (beef, chicken and pork are available), by all means pop by Fatboy’s. They have a DIY option where you can customize your own burger and prices are reasonable. Nothing ground-breaking but it’s good fun.Have you tried the Bolly Wooly? It’s one of I-S Magazine’s 50 things to eat in Singapore before you die (2010).