Fiesta Brasilia

Carniwhores delight! You have another Sodom where you can indulge in an orgy of spit-roasted meat with no one to tell you when to stop or to judge how many pounds of flesh you are putting away (or adding to your waistline). Although you can order off the menu here, why would you when you can enjoy a true churascaria experience, where one long metal skewer of meat after another is presented at your table. Want the grilled lamb? Have your waiter carve away. Prefer the chicken and bacon? Then wave him away and let the next meat maestro slide a succulent and salty chunk of roasted goodness onto your never-empty plate. In between every serving, the staff replaces the skewers in the oven. The result is that you can always choose to have that wonderfully-brown-roasted cut of meat often referred to as the “end piece.” Or, once that’s carved away, you can go for a more rare inner slice. Despite all the parading about and in-and-out-of-the-ovens treatment, the meat magically stayed hot, moist and delicious. In addition to the choices mentioned, you can also pick from chicken and pork sausages, pork ribs, flank steak, beef rump, chicken hearts, flank steak, baby beef, ham and—just to try to be a little healthy—grilled pineapple. Actually, speaking of being healthy, we suppose we have to mention that there’s a full salad bar here offering a variety of salsas, soup, roasted root veggies, feijoadas (black bean stew), rice, cold salads and more. Oh, and because you’re sure to be hungry after all this indulgence, there’s also a pasta bar serving up penne or spaghetti with a host of different sauces. Add in the also-included ice cream bar and completely delicious (and mysterious) cheese puffs served tableside like bread, and there’s no way you can leave hungry. The service was first rate even if the atmosphere felt a bit cafeteria-like (but there is a really cool, huge photo mural showing the giant Jesus in Rio) with some kind of blaring Brazilian rock concert (we think) dominating on the TVs and the speakers. If that’s too much noise for you, a more quiet experience can be had in the alfresco setting next to a soothing water feature. This ain’t fine dining, but for those who are serious about their meat, it doesn’t really get much better.