I don’t know about you, but whenever someone tells me they’re having a salad for lunch, I feel, well, kind of sorry for them. Why anyone would want to consign themselves to rabbit food when there are so many other options out there is beyond me, but a recent trip to F.I.S.H, the new (well, sort of) dining concept by the same people behind the Fish & Co. chain, got me looking at things differently. Sure, there’s the requisite romaine lettuce variety, but there’s also a whole lot of other interesting combos going on such as shiitake & enoki mushroom; crunchy papaya; and mango and pomelo. The salad buffet bar isn’t the only highlight here, of course; unlike its sister outlets, this one also serves steaks and a bunch of other things not found at the Fish & Co. chain, such as chargrilled peri peri squid; baked seafood spaghetti; and barramundi with cheddar cheese crust. Also look out for its towering strawberry daiquiri colossal cheesecake and moreish chocolate pecan pie, which it imports specially from the United States. Lisa-Ann LeeF.I.S.H is Halal. Check out our favorite Halal restaurants in Singapore.