Five Guys

We’ve got no lack of fast food and burger options, but when a major chain like Five Guys enters the market for the first time, people pay attention. And at Singapore’s first Five Guys (found at Plaza Singapura), be prepared for a casual American burger experience that has been missing from the scene.

It’s fast food, but high quality nonetheless. Buns are baked fresh locally using a proprietary recipe, meat patties are prepped on-site, potatoes are cut daily by hand and fried using peanut oil, and their entire toppings selection is free for your pickings. There are no freezers in the store either, so every ingredient is used fresh as they come. Some high-end restaurants don’t even offer that same level of quality Five Guys does. Plus, you get to munch on free peanuts as you wait in line.

, Five Guys

Their standard Hamburger ($13) may seem pricey at first, but what you get is truly great value. It’s a double-patty, firstly, and you get toppings like homemade mayo, pickles, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, relish, hot sauce and more, all inclusive. Just pick the ones you want, or choose the “All The Way” for their signature burger of sorts. We’d just like to add that their patties are some of the juiciest we’ve ever had. Expect your buns to come nicely soaked and your hands to be dripping wet if you’re cradling the burger.

Other than the Hamburger, there are also the Cheeseburger ($15), Baconburger ($15) and Bacon-Cheeseburger ($17) options. All are double-patty. But honestly, if you’re not supremely famished, go for the Little versions that costs $2 less, and which are essentially single-patty options of each burger type. They are filling enough, especially if you’re getting a side of fries too.

Speaking of which, Five Guys take their fries seriously. Store managers routinely test the firmness and texture of the fries, and if they’re found not up to par, they get tossed or cooked till it’s done right. You can get the regular Five Guys fries, but for an added spice kick, go for the Cajun Style instead. All fries come in Little ($7), Regular ($9) or Large ($11) sizes, and trust us when we say the Little portion is more than enough for one person.

, Five Guys

Another highlight is the Five Guys Shake. For $10, get a sizable milkshake with your choice of any number of mix-ins. Choose from more usual items like chocolate, banana and oreo cookies, to more unconventional ones like salted caramel, malted milk and (our fav) bacon. Yes, you get actual bacon bits added into your shake, and it works. If you feel like washing all that burger goodness down with a beer instead, you can do that too. Choose between Brooklyn East IPA, Corona or Heineken (all $10) by the bottle.

You may be able to get quality burgers anywhere, but for a quality burger done just the way you like it, look no further than Five Guys.