Flappers Bar & Grill

An intriguing mish-mash of cultures is found at Flappers. Aussie pub memorabilia, Ikea inspired sofas and Nepalese table décor fill this bar and restaurant. The look was interesting enough, but we were unsure if so many contrasting styles should leave us feeling wowed or confused. When our first appetizer, escargot baked in herb butter and brandy, was served, our attention was jolted back to the food. Unfortunately, this dish was a real disappointment. The snails were simply not fresh, and their powdery texture left us befuddled and unimpressed. Reserving judgment, we soldiered on with soft shell crab fried in tempura flour and tossed with fish floss and Japanese seaweed. Our initial suspicions were confirmed. Our taste buds were in working order—the crustaceans here were not fresh at all. The crab was beyond soft, with the crispness which one expects of soft shelled crabs markedly absent. Feeling let down, we faced our next dish—stewed rack of lamb doused with lemongrass and herbs—which is touted as the chef’s specialty. If this dish reflects the chef’s skill, then the reflection is poor. The lamb was chewy, and it took us a good few minutes to get it down to digestible portions. The accompanying mashed potato was watery; and the overwhelming amount of sauce spilled over the lamb didn’t help. After this series of disappointments, the chicken wings were like the rainbow after a downpour. Coated in fish floss, the wings tasted heavenly, especially when washed down with beer. This establishment is more of a pub than a restaurant, and does better at being the former than the latter. With an extensive list of local and foreign beers, and friendly, well informed service staff, we will be back for drinks, though perhaps not for the food.