FOC Sentosa

Michelin-starred chef Nandu Jubany’s FOC branches out from its space on HongKong Street to the sunny shores of Sentosa with a second outlet that boasts a restaurant and bar-lounge inspired by the beach culture of Barcelona. Nestled on the eastern end of Palawan Beach, FOC Sentosa has a beach-house vibe going on, what with its exposed wooden roofs, beach sunbeds, a pool deck and an alfresco terrace.   

You can expect the same great Mediterranean fare just like its HongKong Street. The wide-ranging sharing menu has a good mix of cold and hot tapas, as well as some grilled items and Spanish rice. Tuck into their signature dishes like the pork paella ($18), cooked over a wood fire with spring onion smoke and loaded with tender Iberian pork; king crab cannelloni ($22), a reimagining of a classic pasta dish, where king crab is finely chopped and encased in a zucchini ribbons with a splash of sriracha mayo; and their grilled eggplant ($12), which is comes served with cured paprika Spanish sausage, parmesan cheese and a dash of honey.  

While soaking in the beach vibes, sip on their wide cocktail selection, including their Ibiza Martini ($18), made using passionfruit, lime, ginger, honey and a healthy splash of vodka; the Matcha Colada ($16), an Asian twist on the classic Pina Colada; or go for FOC Sentosa’s take on the Red Sangria ($16).