Food #03

Veggie lovers now have an alternative venue for their vegetarian fix. Food #03, run by a bunch of artists and part of indie art gallery Post-Museum in Little India, serves healthy and affordable food in a casual setting. The smallish place is only open for dinner and serves no more than 30 diners, but that shouldn’t deter you from checking it out. When we arrived for a late dinner, the place was quiet. However, service was a little slow as there were only two waiters, who also doubled up as cashiers. Thankfully, the food here was pretty good. We especially liked the stuffed eggplant with fried brown rice—the eggplant was humongous, although a bit hard, but the brown rice that came with it was extremely tasty. Ditto our spinach, grilled peppers, paneer and egg pizza; which was big enough for three. However, the much recommended tempeh burger was slightly lackluster as its vegetarian patty was too soft and moist. We were too full for dessert, but the vegan chocolate brownie here is rumored to be good. Drop by if you want decent vegetarian fare at value prices. Just don’t expect much service here, if any.