Another restaurant in VivoCity, Fre(n)sh is a small café-restaurant that serves affordable, good grub. However, it’s pretty easy to miss this small French café-restaurant as its predominantly glass façade on which its name is displayed just does not stand out amid all the louder VivoCity shopfronts. On a late weekday night, we were the only ones there, save a couple. The interior is simple but pleasant enough—with red walls, and black and white photographs of Paris adding an air of authenticity. While there are a few tables to sit at, there’re plenty of high stools that make the most of the space. The set menu offers a main, a dessert and a drink of your choice for only $15. Needless to say, we snapped up this incredible offer. The tartine rillettes, pieces of toasted, crusty bread with duck spread, were OK but a little dry. However, the Fre(n)sh chicken tartine was tastier and was just moist enough. The cheesecake was solid (although not outstanding), but the crème brulee was more delightful. It was slightly burnt (as it should be), crackly and filling. Overall Fre(n)sh makes a good choice for a value-for-money meal. What’s more, there is no service charge.