Global Kitchen

This restaurant seems to want to be two things at once. It is positioned as the hotel’s international restaurant (in the old days we would say “coffeehouse”) but somehow it is decked out too elegantly for that, with private smart tables and quiet, private atmosphere. The menu too is divided. It contains a mix of international favorites like fried noodles and burgers, but also lists fine dining specialties by star chefs. We felt the restaurant veered towards the fine dining and so ordered from that menu, mostly. Our pea veloute with foie gras was really delicious and zesty—and that was the highlight of the day. The rest of our dishes, the tomato emulsion with crab and cucumber and duck confit with sweet potato puree and a chicken Caesar were all okay, but unexceptional. The service, however, was exemplary from start to finish, from the person-in-charge down to junior wait staff. Now if the restaurant would focus on one area of food and do it well, we think it will be stronger.