Go India

With its minimalist interior design, stark white walls and thriving outdoor dining area overlooking the water, it’s clear Go India is aspiring to take Indian cuisine from the mid tier to fine dining level. Given that it’s owned by the folks at delectable IVORY—The Indian Kitchen at Clarke Quay–we’ve always known the food there to be excellent–and so were surprised that on the night we went, many of the dishes were a little under par.

Our main courses, while competent, did not really have distinctive flavors—nor did they really taste any different from one another. Instead, our methi sag resmhi (spinach and cottage cheese topped with cashew, onion-based sauce), methi lamb shoulder and chicken tikka masala all tasted the same: Creamy with a hint of spice but nothing more intricate or complex. 

On top of that, service was fast and efficient, although we were disconcerted to discover at least five of the wines on the wine list were not available. This is worth trying out, but just beware that, like too many Singaporean restaurants, it can be inconsistent.