Part of the Chen Fu Ji chain of restaurants, this outlet is a great alternative for foodies looking for a range of healthy Chinese food. But expect to pay a slightly premium price for the selection here. Its fried rice is known to be one of the best in town—choose from sambal to Japanese seaweed versions. You’ll be impressed by the grain of rice used here, which is soft, full and textured. We decided to try the vegetarian-friendly Grains health fried rice—a delectable mix of fried brown rice, diced carrots and other choice vegetables. We also ordered the spinach with boxthorn in soup broth, which was healthy, plain, yet aromatic; and the organic tofu served with shimeiji mushrooms—one of the best we’ve had. The texture of the tofu was soft and just about perfect, and great for weight-watchers who still want tasty food. We also recommend the rose fragrant soy sauce chicken, which we loved. The meat was well-marinated and roasted, and the skin, succulent and tasty. We polished off the dish although we were watching our diets—it was that good. We’ll be back.