Gram Cafe & Pancakes

The hype: Souffle pancakes have an irresistible charm—the cloud-like stacks seem gravity-defying, and their wobbles almost hypnotising. Fluffy pancake specialist Gram Cafe & Pancakes from Osaka delivers just that with its Singapore outlet and authentic recipes.

The vibe: Truly ‘Gram-worthy, the outlet at VivoCity is heavy on the foliage decor but kept tasteful with tables and chairs of minimalist designs. As the cafe isn’t blessed with a large space, patrons should brace for long queues and head down early when looking to secure a table.

The food: Presented as a towering stack of thick, cushion-like cakes that measure about 4-5cm in height, the Premium Pancakes ($17.90) is a trio of meringued dessert, piled high, that’s also good for breakfast. Due to its demand, the sale of the Gram signature is limited to just three times a day (at 11am, 3pm and 6pm), with 30 orders per session. And the rumours are true: the whipped pancakes at Gram are so delicate, they fall apart as soon as you put them in your mouth.

Creamy, pillowy and buttery, the simplicity of the souffle pancakes is astoundingly down-to-earth, but gives a completely new meaning to the internationally-loved item. To eat, drizzle some maple syrup over the top and let the marbled butter-syrup mixture run down the sides of the stack. Then spread a generous dollop of whipped cream on a bite-sized piece and brace yourself for the softest, most gentle assault on your tongue.

, Gram Cafe & Pancakes

If fat stacks don’t appeal, call for an order of Rich Tiramisu Pancakes ($15.90). These ones take on a more familiar form and thickness that resembles the chew of Japanese dorayaki, but soaked in espresso and generously layered with rich mascarpone cream that binds the flavours of the popular Italian delicacy together. As a finishing touch, a piece of milk chocolate rests atop the stacks and the entire plate is dusted with fine cocoa powder; giving the dish an air of grandeur.

, Gram Cafe & Pancakes

The cafe also sells savoury pancakes, such as the fragrant Chili Beans Pancakes ($18.90). Here, classic pancakes are topped with a flavourful chili beans sauce, adorned with drizzled melted cheddar cheese, and complete with sides of sausage, potatoes and fresh salad greens. Meanwhile, the Turkey Bacon and Scrambled Egg Pancakes ($18.90) and Salmon and Avocado Pancakes ($19.90) make for a fulfilling lunch.

For non-pancake alternatives, there’s the Gram French Toast ($12.90) and BLT Sandwich ($14.90), but we can’t imagine passing up the coveted pancakes.

Why you’ll be back: The almost-animated Premium Pancakes alone are worth the visit. Pancakes have always been a huge player in the comfort foods category, but souffle pancakes are definitely in a league of their own.