Greyhound Cafe

We’re no stranger when it comes to huge international F&B names setting up shop right here in Singapore. Like many others, Bangkok’s Greyhound Cafe’s arrival has been highly anticipated since the news came out earlier this year. They’ve since made a home in Paragon, replacing the unit that once housed Cedele.

The Singapore branch, which can seat 110, marks the 13th outlet outside of Bangkok (most people who’ve been to the city can attest to this popular hotspot). They’ve come a long way since their early beginnings as a fashion brand back in 1980. It’s a chic-looking restaurant that resembles its parent outlet in Bangkok, with hand-painted graffiti on the pillars done by a Thai artist.

Visitors can expect signature dishes like their fried chicken wings ($16), which is made by marinating the chicken with fish paste; their Complicated Noodle ($18), a do-it-yourself dish where you’ll wrap minced pork and pieces of lettuce within “sheets” of noodles; and of course, the famous Thai green curry with chuck toast ($18). Yes, they’re a tad pricier as compared to the outlet in Bangkok, but rest assured you’ll be getting the same quality of food and service.