Han Ka Ram Korean Restaurant

This restaurant is located on the fifth floor of the reglammed The Heeren. A quick check with the staff revealed that the restaurant has been around for 10 years—a big deal in the fickle dining industry. The interior was bright—with wooden tables, wood paneling and cute Korean dolls and pictures adorning the premises. There was a good crowd on a weekend evening. The $63 set meal seemed like a good idea as it would save us having to think of what dishes to order. It consisted of a barbequed dish, a soup, a pancake, a vegetable dish, cold jellyfish salad, three side dishes and rice. The quick and pleasant servers brought us our choices—marinated barbeque beef, a ginseng chicken soup by the pot, a seafood and spring onion pancake, beancurd with vegetables—plus kimchi, fried anchovies and cold cucumber sides. The meal was every bit as filling as it sounds. But while the beef was sweet and juicily tender, the chicken pieces in the soup were quite dry and the soup, slightly tasteless. The pancake was scrumptious though, and the kimchi and anchovies, competent. The side dishes are refillable—a good thing—but we were already almost bursting with of the sizeable dish portions. This is a robust, hearty and tasty Korean meal—come hungry for a good pig-out.