Hans Im Gluck

In the heart of Orchard, widely successful burger chain from Munich Hans Im Gluck sprinkles its patties with a little fairy tale magic.

The Singapore outlet, located next to Shaw House in an outdoor, 180-seater establishment, marks the franchise’s first out of Europe and 50th outlet globally. And just like at its European outlets, presentation is key. Designed as a forest a la Into The Woods, the restaurant’s signature decor sees lush interiors and real floor-to-ceiling birch trunks, flown in from Germany, sprouting from the ground. Not just for looks, the birch trees are strategically placed to create cosy alcoves for diners, so “every table is a good table”. Menus are even constructed to look like hardcover children’s books; the effect is a fairy tale-inspired dining experience, just like the folk tale the brand draws its name from.

The menu specializes in beef, chicken, vegetarian and vegan burgers (the founder herself was a vegan who got tired of simply eating salads at regular restaurants), served on your choice of sourdough or multigrain bread (or without), at $14-17. Every burger comes with the option of an add-on meal comprising a side and a drink, at $5 for lunch, and $15 for dinner. The sides, which include steak frites and sweet potato fries, are vegan too—as are the special homemade sauces complimentary with every meal.