Haru Dining

One could be forgiven for missing this restaurant. Located at the east end of One Fullerton, its presence is quiet and low-key. But its food is very good and with that alone, it has managed to build a sizeable following. We tried their sashimi sets ($25) and were impressed by the exceptionally fresh raw seafood, real pickles (not production line ones), and proper miso soup. Their spider roll ($12) of soft shell crab and avocado was well done too, with the crab not overly cooked as it is all too easy to do. While the food was first-rate, we unfortunately could not say the same about the service. It was pretty hapless, although, to be fair, no more so than at many restaurants in Singapore. At least the servers here were nice, just disorganized. But neither that nor the inconspicuous location deter people from coming, which just goes to show that if a restaurant gets the most important thing right—its food—its customers will be willing to put up with a lot more.