The hype: Traditional hawker cuisine meets modern technology at Hawkee, which serves a range of local dishes cooked by custom automated machines, aka robochefs. Said to be able to whip up each dish within a grand total of four minutes, dining here is meant to be fuss-free, for folks working around the CBD.

The vibe: The well-organised, simple eatery is segregated into various zones. There are the self-ordering kiosks by the entrance where patrons can order and pay for their meals, the self-collection counter for food pick-ups, and a surprisingly large and well-lit dining area by its side.

The food: Stir-frys are a signature here, although it might be so because a machine can only do so much.

, Hawkee

Try the Hokkien Mee ($6), a good option when dining at Hawkee. The Singaporean favourite is stir-fried through a churning motion by the machine, which gives it an aromatic, wok hei fragrance.

Those who just can’t seem to resist the charms of Mala Xiang Guo can choose from various Mala options like the Meat Lover Mala Xiang Guo ($12.90) and Premium Seafood Mala Xiang Guo ($18.90) for a bowl that really packs heat, and made by a robot no less.

The one that stands out the most is probably the Gong Bao Chicken with Rice ($6.90), which is a dish developed together with Woh Hup Food Industries and celebrity chef Pung Lu Tin of Tasty Court restaurant. Spicy and savoury, it’s hard to believe that this dish was not made by a human chef.

The drinks: The small range of sodas and other canned beverages will suffice; just order and grab them from the refrigerator yourself.

Why you’ll be back: For hawker food that can be delivered quickly and fuss-free, a trip to Hawkee will be able to satiate your craving for local favourites when you’re not looking to queue in the heat for hours at hawker centres.