HeyTea Clarke Quay

Along the stretch of pubs and bars down in Clarke Quay, you’ll find HeyTea’s futuristic-looking, sleek second outlet. Originally from China, the pioneers of cheese tea have taken it up a notch in the bubble tea game; and brought alcoholic bubble teas to our shores.

Inspired by a lighthouse theme, the store opens into a clean, fresh space that resembles a minimalist bar more than a bubble tea outlet. The store has two counters—one for the regular non-alcoholic drinks menu, and the other their newly launched HeyTea Tea Geek Bar.

Donned in white lab coats, the tea-ristas at the latter whip up refreshing tea cocktails with deft movements and immaculate precision, presenting colourful glasses of alcohol-infused fruity goodness. There’s a selection of tea cocktails inspired by the four seasons, and the Summer Siesta ($18) will fittingly quench your thirst in our one-season climate. Rich yellow sunset hues aside, the seamless combination of sweet plum wine and Ever Spring tea delivers sweetness with just a tinge of zest, and there’s even rice balls at its base for something to chew on.

Something you won’t find in their 100 other overseas outlets are the Singapore-exclusive tea blends, Scarlet’s Heart and The Royal’s Romance. Adjusted for the tropical palate, Scarlet’s Heart ($16) is a deep red tipple combining the sweetness of cognac brandy with the floral fragrance of jasmine green tea, featuring a slight tang from the pineapple pulps. If your preferred form of refreshment is something icier, though, their Tipsy Ice Creams are worth a try. Singapore Sling ($5.50) is a creamy, blush-pink take on the iconic cocktail, infused with Shining Orchid, while Guinness ($4.50) pairs the strong malty flavours of the stout with oolong tea, culminating in a surprisingly creamy and decadent treat.

You’ll also get your classic bubble tea mainstays here. HeyTea’s own spin on the highly raved brown sugar milk tea comes through in The Brulee Bobo Tea ($4.50), velvety smooth and topped with a torched brown sugar creme brulee cap. Their cheese teas balance the heaviness of cheese with the lightness of refreshing tea bases, with the King Fone Cheezo Tea ($5.50) delivering creamy cheese foam atop gulps of refreshing oolong tea. The Fruity Boom line will sit well with the lactose-intolerant tummies too; Grapefruit Boom ($5.90) is just as refreshing with less of the cheesiness, and juicy grapefruit pulp in place of pearls. Keeping it extra local, they’ve got Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream ($4.80) that tastes authentically like the savoury sauce we’ll dip anything in, except creamier, sweeter and possibly even more addictive. Nowhere else you can chill and hang back with friends till late (1am, to be exact), and sip on bubble tea while watching the night go by.