HK Kim Gary Restaurant

For a restaurant usually beset with long queues, things were surprisingly quiet here on the weekend we went, although the mall was packed. Styled like a Hong Kong teahouse, HK Kim Gary Restaurant has a no‑frills vibe. All the tables are placed fairly close together, the décor is simple, and the cheerful wait staff are busy as bees. 

And no wonder. The food here is really good value‑for‑money, and there are loads of choices in the extensive menu. Tick off what you want on a chit, and the staff will drop by to verify your order. The combo hot plate set meal we had (with Borsch soup, garlic bread, grilled pork chop, fish fillet and chicken chop) was a great deal. Most of the items were alright, but the pork was slightly chewy. We loved the Yangzhou fried rice – it was delicious and generously loaded with ingredients. However, although the hot and spicy noodles with pork chop in “Typhoon Shelter” style were tasty, it had too little noodles and too much bean sprouts (although the pork chop pieces were substantial).

All in all though, this is a good place to grab a decent meal.

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