Honjin Restaurant & Bar

Busy Shenton Way types have wolfed down many a hasty meal at this little hole-in-the-wall Japanese joint in the CBD. We decided to pop by and see how it is faring. During a hectic weekday lunch, the staff were buzzing about busily in packed premises. Warm wood paneling and standard Japanese fixtures (lanterns and cloth hangings) dominated the larger-than-expected interior. We seated ourselves in front of the conveyer belt and ordered the katsu don and  salmon don. The food arrived soon enough and for the most part, it was up to scratch. The set was a complete meal in itself, for it came with the usual miso soup, side dish and slice of watermelon—which is something most restaurants do anyway, but this was slightly better than most bento sets like it. The katsu don was fairly tasty, but nothing earth-shattering; while the salmon set fared better with its tastiness and succulence. Judging from the number of Japanese patrons that crowded the restaurant, it’s pretty evident that this restaurant has a solid standing among the Japanese community. It is thus little wonder that Honjin has been around for over 10 years, serving the ravenous office crowd efficiently and dependably.