With one outlet at Robertson Quay and another at China Square Central, we were worried that this place would be another substandard Japanese conveyor belt “fast food” place. Luckily, it wasn’t. The interior was cozy and simple, and the restaurant had a good selection of tonkatsu and ramen dishes. We started with some edamame beans, which were tougher than usual. However, our fears were put to rest when we tried the shabu shabu ramen. It was filled with delicious, lean beef slices, and the stock was creamy and satisfying. The una ju and tempura set was also better than what you’d find elsewhere, with the texture of the rice cooked just right, and the unagi tender and well-seasoned—but not too sweet or salty. The true test of the quality of a Japanese restaurant lies in its sashimi of course, and the sashimi trio of tuna, mekajiki and salmon was heads and shoulders above most Japanese restaurants in freshness, flavor and cut. The service here was average, but food as good as this at such reasonable prices will easily turn us into regulars.