Il Gladiatore

When in Singapore, eat as the Romans do, although the ancient Romans probably weren’t as quiet as the patrons of Il Gladiatore, the new name for the Italian restaurant formerly known as Fuenti. With most of the very gracious staff dressed up in togas, and chalices adorning the tables, Il Gladiatore, thankfully, has no more thematic elements. Meanwhile, the food is pretty tasty. The grilled scarmoza had us drooling in delight, the spaghetti with clams was lovely if not for the fact that the pasta was a little undercooked and the ravioli, likewise, tasted like it wasn’t quite ready yet. However, its spinach stuffing and artichoke sauce was mouth-watering. We loved the smooth romolo (cheesecake) which melted in the mouth and was the highlight. The servings could’ve been just a little less sparse, but otherwise, our gripes were pretty minor. This is still a great place for a serene evening.