Indian Times

Authentic Indian food with a twist sounds paradoxical, but head over to Indian Times at Big Splash and see it make sense. The restaurant offers fine-dining North Indian cuisine, but the novelty here are its tables, which are similar to what you can find at Korean restaurants—fitted with barbecue pits for you to charcoal-grill your own kebabs. For an Indian restaurant, the décor is also refreshingly Zen, with dark wood panels and Japanese-styled lamp shades. We ordered the a la carte dishes such as the palak paneer. The cottage cheese was of the right texture and the subtle use of spices did not overwhelm the natural flavor of the blended spinach—yum. The chicken tikka masala was good too, with generous portions of chicken. For desserts, we had kulfi, which was a pleasant way to end the meal. Along with friendly service, we’re likely to return for its reasonably priced buffet comprising lamb, chicken and mutton kebabs and other vegetarian and curry dishes.