Isetan Scotts Supermarket

Finally reopening with a brand new grocery shopping experience and food enclave, Isetan Scotts Supermarket has revamped with modern, minimalist interiors, a permanent event stage showcasing authentic Japanese products and a “food theatre” section.

Shoppers can dine in at Japanese eateries like WA-Dining, which serves bentos with ingredients such as seafood from Hokkaido and wagyu beef from Kagoshima; Dashi Bar, an udon and soba diner known for its Hyoshiro dashi soup stock and Kaku-Uchi Sake Bar, a casual watering hole specializing in premium sake brands from various Japan prefectures. 

Grab-and-go options include pastries from Chateraise Patisserie, sashimi and sushi at Hirashima Suisan, and freshly-baked goods from Johan Paris Bakery, a French-inspired Japanese bakery.