Jerry’s Barbeque & Grill

It’s been about a year since Jerry’s opened its third outlet in Tanglin Shopping Centre, and we thought a revisit was in order. Happily, we can report that the restaurant has come into its own, and offers the kind of dining experience we’ve come to associate with Jerry’s—good food in comfy surroundings. The staples are well represented on the menu—baby back ribs, steaks, burgers, chicken wings —and the atmosphere is laid back with a glass veranda providing an alfresco dining area of sorts. We started with mushroom soup and were happy with the fresh mushrooms and other vegetables that came in a tasty, creamy base. Our half slab of baby back pork ribs was exactly what we’d expect from Jerry’s: Tender meat that falls off the bone covered in a tangy sauce. The New Zealand sirloin too was good quality beef grilled just right. The sides of mashed potatoes and vegetables weren’t quite up to the same standards as the meat, but given how satisfactory the rest of our meal was we couldn’t complain. Because this restaurant is so close to Orchard Road, it is a great place to drop by for a meal when you’re out shopping—and you know you’ll get good American fare at decent prices. Also at 277 Jalan Kayu, 6484-0151; and 92 Club St., 6323-4550.