Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant

Jia Wei is the in‑house restaurant of Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel. The signature chef’s creation, baby lobster with oats and curry leaf, was the highlight of our meal. We loved how the tasty oat crisps complemented the crunchy lobster meat.

The rest of our orders, however, were average. The pan‑fried beef tenderloin, served with rice, was fairly appetizing with the black pepper sauce, and their dim sum was palatable enough—but it’s nothing you can’t find in any hotel restaurant.

Throughout the meal, we were slightly put off by the menu, which was rather predictable and leaned heavily towards deep‑fried dishes—which extended to the dessert section. Thankfully, the deep-fried durian ice‑cream exceeded our expectations—the ice‑cream was perfectly encased in a crispy golden batter.

There’s certainly a lot of room for improvement at Jia Wei. Hopefully, it will move from being just average to recommendable.

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