Jones The Grocer | Mandarin Gallery

We’d been wanting to check this one out ever since Aussie fromagerie Jones the Grocer announced it was opening another outlet beyond the inaccessible-if-you-don’t-drive hipster trap of Dempsey Hill. Tucked in a high-end shopping mall not usually packed with busy shoppers, our dining experience felt like a much-needed escape from the daily grind.

This outlet is a more grown-up version of Dempsey Hill’s, with a laidback restaurant concept in addition to its signature floor-to-ceiling displays of cheeses, pastas and sauces.

Breakfast is served all day here and we indulged ourselves in their house special wagyu beef burger and a nice big pot of French Earl Grey tea. While the burger deserved no big shout, we enjoyed sipping the strong tea so much that we had to try the English breakfast one and got a raisin scone to go along with it. We swear the sinful dollop of whipped cream (rich, not low-fat) and sweet jam (triple berry, not artificially-sweetened) are positively orgasmic. Ditto the peaches and cream milkshake.

If it weren’t for the uninformed and unfriendly wait staff, we’d have given this place a higher rating. The café-like space was relatively empty given the hour of the day (we were there at 9pm), but we still had to wait (not long, but long enough to annoy the hell out of us) to be seated. While we were waiting, another couple brazenly sauntered past us to occupy the corner table we wanted. Like, wtf? And when it was time to settle the bill, we had to flag like a performing monkey on heels before anyone would speak to us. It didn’t help that the bill came up to a whopping amount.

All in all, it was the perfect dining experience—for anyone desperate (and rich) enough to pay for a little peace and quiet. Since the wait staff won’t really talk to you, it’s the perfect arrangement.

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