Kai Garden Restaurant

The buzz: Chef Fung Chi Keung from Taste Paradise (the guy who gave us xiao long bao in different variations) strikes it out at 200-seater Kai Garden with his twists on Cantonese cuisine.  

The vibe: Like a typical Chinese restaurant, the space is decked out with smaller tables for a cosy meals, and large round ones with lazy susans that wouldn’t look out of place at a wedding dinner.

The food: The restaurant’s food is unabashedly Cantonese, albeit presented in interesting ways. There’s the double-boiled Japanese Matsuake served in hot pot ($38), which is served in a traditional-looking Chinese tea pot and a cup; and the garoupa in lobster soup (price depends on the season), both of which have a flavorful broth. The signature crispy peking duck ($88 for a whole duck) has five different types of sauces and wraps for variety, including dark, black pepper and spinach sauce. Although this is a fairly common local dish at zi char stalls here, the sweet and sour pork on the rocks ($22) is done like meatballs on a skewer (and on ice, to boot), akin to eating satay or kebabs. 

Why you’ll be back: If you’re craving for something elevated Chinese cuisine with a modern spin, then chef Fung Chi Keung is your man. Bring your family here for extra brownie points, as most of the dishes are meant for sharing.