Kam’s Roast Singapore

Kam’s Roast Goose earned its Michelin star in 2015 and was founded by the Yung Kee family, a household name in the restaurant scene over in Hong Kong. After the passing of owner Kam Shui Fai, there was a lengthy legal dispute on who would own the restaurant, which led to the establishment being liquidated. Now, his grandchild Hardy Kam is continuing the legacy with Kam’s Roast Goose, and they have branched out from Hong Kong to Singapore. 

Nestled in Pacific Plaza, this 68-seater restaurant (much bigger compared to its Hong Kong counterpart) resembles a typical Chinese establishment, with its wooden chairs and its open kitchen concept where you can see the racks of roasted ducks waiting to be devoured and the chefs busily preparing the dishes. 

Their menu has pretty much the same great offerings as its main branch in Hong Kong, except for their famous roast goose; they’re still looking for the right supplier before the start serving up their showstopper dish. Nonetheless, the roast duck ($11.80) and pork ($14.80) are equally just as good and cooked to perfection, and the crispy skin goes hand-in-hand with the tender meat. Their pork belly ($14.80) is definitely a cut above the rest—it’s marinated with the famil’y award-winning secret-recipe marinade and barbequed until it has the right amount of char for that smoky flavor.

Don’t forget to try the al dente wonton noodles,  which are exclusive only to Singapore. These are brought from Hong Kong on a daily basis via a Singapore Airlines flight to ensure that the noodles and complemented by the freshest, hand-made wontons that have been filled with prawn and pork. Then, round it up with Kam’s Red Bean Soup, a healthy dessert that uses only top-grade red beans and Chen Pi (aged orange peel).