Kichi-Kichi Express Rotary Hotpot

When you step into steamboat restaurant Kichi-Kichi, two things will strike you: First, the mouth-watering, titillating smells that waft from steaming soup and hot pots, and second, the enthusiastic diners preparing their food. The vast array of food choices spanning seafood, different types of mushrooms, dumplings, meat and poultry displayed on a fun conveyor belt (a la sushi restaurants) got us very excited. We chose the Szechuan, mushroom and herbal soups out of the seven choices on the menu, and found them to be flavorful and fragrant, with a lot of kick. Also on the belt is a selection of sauces; try the outlet’s chili and sesame sauces. Delish. Finish off your meal with dessert—the chocolate hotpot, which is muah chee (a traditional Chinese snack made of flour) with molten chocolate. Prices are $19.90++ on weekdays 11am-5pm, $21.90++ on weekdays after 5pm and $23.90++ on weekends.