After the closure of Fre(n)sh, this new deli café has sprung up. Its name (which refers to the sense of gratitude that one feels when receiving a gift) was an apt one, as I did feel grateful for Kimochi’s presence in the mall after the tasting. The food’s good, healthy and reasonably priced, and the presentation’s lovely too. Serving Japanese-style sandwiches, salads, sushi and desserts in an unpretentious interior facing the harbor, Kimochi has a “eat tasty, stay healthy” mantra: All the sandwich sauces and salad dressings are made fresh by chef Ryan Tan, and no MSG is used. OK, I admit it: I wasn’t so sure how good things would taste without the wonder flavor enhancer, but it was all delicious. Everything tasted fresh, feel-good and wholesome. Some of the great salads I tried (out of 10 types) include the ebi and California salads—which went famously with a special Japanese and wafu dressing respectively. The sandwiches come with a choice of three breads—fluffy Japanese white bread, ciabatta or foccacia. My fave was the Kurobuta mench katsu sandwich, which was laced with a special ebikko sauce (although the unagi sandwich, didn’t fare too badly either). But the highlight of my meal had to be the gorgeous-looking rainbow sushi. Not only did the sushi look pretty, but it’s packed with health benefits too—at least that’s the excuse I used to load up my plate. Pick the Rainbow Bliss set—to enjoy the fine fish in all its unadorned splendor. Don’t forget the rolls too—the Salmon Gaga comprises super-fresh salmon, avocado, crabsticks and cucumber; while the Caterpillar Roll delighted me with loads of avocado. For dessert, try the wasabi ice cream—which balances a hint of wasabi with a comforting milky flavor, which I loved (even though I’m not wild about wasabi). Belinda Wan