The King Louis Grill & Bar

If there ever was a prize awarded to “the most random restaurant,” this place would win. We also chanced upon it in an equally random manner—after diving out of Japanese euphoria land (read: Daiso), we saw a weird restaurant sitting on Vivo’s wooden deck. How could we resist? It was raining, and the two armored dudes at the entrance were calling to us. So we wandered in. OK first up, you must enter this place with your “Is this a restaurant, bar or grill?” questions at the door because it’s all of the above, and doesn’t care what you think. It’s got a mish-mash, kitschy, weird kind of cool pseudo-Celtic-knighthood vibe (the female wait staff are togged out in cute black-and-white outfits with white, feathery wings à la Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet). After we got our asses frozen by the potent air-conditioning, we found the space to be filled with wooden tables and benches; and lastly, we saw there really was a bar indoors. Don’t expect loads of variety—the school cafeteria-like menus comprise sets named after knightly icons like Sir Gawain; and also, have no delusions of a warm drink—only cold drinks, wines and beer. We ordered the Queen’s Seafood—enough for three people. We were delighted at the enormous heap of seafood when it arrived … only to find that the heap had been bolstered up by a gigantic bed of shredded radish—bummer. The staff showed some initiative throughout—proffering fresh serviettes when we ran out of them. The food, though just enough for the number of people specified, was just serviceable (though affordable) and did not attain knighthood with us, despite a huge photograph of Scotland, another armored dude indoors and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian playing on four TVs. The oven baked king prawns were OK; the golden Japanese softshell crabs were tasty (but too little); the calamari rings were not too rubbery; the sautéed green mussels with tomatoes were thankfully fresh and juicy; the fresh fillet in Milanese was also soft and fresh although we didn’t relish the milky taste of the gravy. Increase the portions of the items, and we’ll be back for the unpretentiousness weirdness of this place.