We thought the apex of CBD pizza deliciousness was Alt Pizza, but there could potentially be a new contender in town. Knicker+Bockers and their D-I-Y pizzas promise 50,000 possible combinations, covering not just toppings, but your choice of dough and one of five in-house sauces. Gourmet toppings number in the 40-something range, including meats from Swiss Butchery. 

Pizzas start at $12.90 which includes their signature highlights such as the Five-0 or local flavors like Curry Lover and Otak Otak. The menu also has pastas starting at $8.90 such as the Gangsta Pasta (penne) or Tribeca Beca Beca (fussili) with the same option of unlimited toppings.

And if you’re the pizza-for-breakfast type, try the mini pizza-inspired treats that come in chicken curry, otak otak and Asian fusion flavors ($3.50) at their flagship store in the CBD for take-away during the rush hour. They also do delivery.