Just when we thought 2016 would go down as the saddest year in history, things seem to be ending on a slightly sweeter note, with the arrival of supposedly healthy Korean soft-serve froyo and ice cream kiosk KoKoPanda at Plaza Singapura. Before you get too excited: it’s little more than a basement kiosk, packed tight among other eateries, but no doubt it will see some lines in its early days, with their cute and Instagrammable offerings.

What makes this different from all the millions of other cute shops? Well, they talk a pretty big talk: they’re all about sustainability, non-GMO products and superfoods. Your choices include options like KoKo Black Yogo, a striking black froyo made using roasted coconut husk; Koko White Cream, a rich and milky ice cream made from Korean milk; and KoKo Twisto, a swirl of the two. The highlight is the topping selection, covering everything from fruits like persimmon and Jeju tangerine to chia seeds and seaweed jellies. There are two price points: $4.90 which comes with one free topping, and $5.90 which comes with three toppings.

For drinks, try their green tea latte and their coconut water with chia seeds.