Kraftwich by Swissbake

Offering healthy gourmet sandwiches and salads at affordable prices, Kraftwich by Swissbake sets up shop in bustling Raffles Place.
The menu is simple—just sandwiches made using healthy bread with ingredients like wheat, soya, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, rye and oats. It claims to serve low-calorie sandwiches packed with fiber, minerals and antioxidents. You can choose from fillings like smoked duck, smoked chicken, portobello, beef pastrami, tuna and egg, vegetarian, smoked salmon and turkey, and ham and cheese. Single sandwiches are priced at $8.90, while adding on $5 will give you a soup and salad. But for carb-free choices, there’s Kraft Your Salad, where you can customize your order with a choice of five regular toppings from $7.90.