Kuriya Penthouse

Adding glam to Orchard Central faster than you can say oishi neh! is Kuriya Penthouse. Yes, you fans of spanking-good views and Japanese chow—this flagship outlet’s got it all—plus tons of chi chi-ness too (the word “penthouse” says it all). Which explained the extent of the media crowd at the restaurant’s opening. Everyone was dressed to impress, with keels (read: Killer heels) that looked set to break necks if someone got a little too unsteady. Needless to say, I wasn’t too big on the air-kissing, outfits-outdoing-outfits that was going on, but at least there was tons of fantastic food, great PR hosts, nice friends to say hi to, wonderful musical performances, a cute MC, a jaw-droppingly talented Japanese flairer [Koji Kitano] who spins out droolicious drinks at the bar in a whirl, and yeah, the wonderful view. But before you get your keels on, do note that reservations are necessary if you’re wanting to sample master chef Yoshihiko Koezuka’s culinary skills. However, no reservation is needed for the bar. That’s good news for us all—because Kitano will be helming the bar permanently and man, the guy’s one excellent flair bartender. If what we sampled there is any indication, diners can expect super-duper fresh, air-flown premium fish, as well as rare and seasonal Japanese ingredients. Also look out for the omakase (chef’s selection) courses—definitely one of my favorite things because I dig surprises. The lunch menu starts from $65 onwards, while dinner is significantly more expensive—$180 per person. Err okay, make that a lot more expensive. The à la carte menu will comprise about 10-15 of Today’s Specials—and you can expect fresh fish from Japan (pick the kind you want), sushi assortments, sashimi assortments, a Joshu Wagyu menu and desserts via a wagon service. Belinda Wan