Lalune Croissant

Lalune Croissant combines the joy of having one of the most popular beverages—the bubble tea—with freshly baked croissants, so we may have both in one seating.

Go straight for their flavoured croissants, such as the Apple Cinnamon Croissant ($3.90) for tart, buttery bites, reminiscent of a traditional thanksgiving apple pie. Chocolate lovers won’t be disappointed with the Chocolate Croissant ($3.90); and those with a hankering for sweets should pick up the Honey Croissant ($3.90) or Custard Croissant ($3.90). Better yet, get both.

, Lalune Croissant

Bubble tea purists can stick with the Milk Tea ($3.50), made with red tea, fresh milk and tapioca pearls. Although, the Peach Milk Tea ($3.50), which features Bai Tou Oolong Tea and fresh milk is one to try too. Some trendy tea options include the Dragon Royale ($5.00), a dragonfruit flavoured drink and Dirty Milk Tea ($4.00), Lalune Croissant’s very own brown sugar milk tea.

Take a trip to this two-in-one food kiosk that provides the best of both a European staple and classic Asian beverage.