Lao Beijing

This is the first Lao Beijing outlet before the popular one at Novena Square. What we like about Lao Beijing is its majestic setting reminiscent of a grand Chinese restaurant, replete with red walls, teak wood chairs and tables. It also helps that the attentive staff here are always ready to please.

Looking through the menu, there is plenty to choose from with a healthy selection of seafood, chicken, vegetables and noodles. We started our meal with the hot and sour soup with assorted seafood and asparagus bisque with crabmeat in superior broth. The hot and sour soup was typical and satisfying, but the asparagus bisque could have done with a little less pepper.

Our mains of homemade noodles with shredded pork and salted vegetables and Beijing-style special Zhajiang noodles were quite delectable. The soup-based homemade noodles were one of the better ones we’ve had recently, while the Zhajiang noodles had a suitable tinge of sweetness, sourness and spiciness to them.

We finished with side orders of quick-fried egg white with sliced fish and stir-fried asparagus with wild mushrooms and lily bulbs, which were fine, if a little unexciting. Come here if you want a safe and presentable Chinese meal with no frills.

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