Leeu SG

Artisanal ice cream parlor Leeu SG whips out all the gimmicks and deep-freezes them—to churn out uniquely Singaporean frozen treats. Suck on the Icy Merlion ($3.80)—a devilishly patriotic concoction of strawberry and vanilla to honor the national flag; or take a dig at the Esplanade Ice Cream ($8.80), a head-turning treat made from fresh durian and shaped in the likeness of Singapore’s most famous durian. It looks a little more like an actual durian than our beloved arts institution—but to make up for it, the Leeu SG store is located in none other than the Esplanade Mall.

Behind the quirky store is a husband-and-wife duo that wanted to handcraft desserts Singaporeans would identify with. Even the drinks available take a stab at being Singapore-inspired. The soda floats have names like Zouk Out Cure, The Red Dot, and Sentosa Breeze; and there’s even a pandan-infused beancurd float called Old Timer whose reference we don’t really get. Less pertinent to our national identity but no less yummy on a hot day are pink and blue Fish Tail Soft Serves, in the style of the popular Japanese taiyaki snack.