The Line

Turning up for lunch at The Line buffet at noon, we were ushered to a table in the middle of the dining area. Looking at the vast buffet spread, we didn’t know where to start. But helpful staff were quick to brief us on what was available for the day and gladly offered a guided tour of the buffet stations. The tour of The Line’s buffet revealed appetizers, Asian and Western favorites and desserts.

Diving in, we started with eight portions of Indochinese salads. Freshly made and crisp, the salads were laced with authentic sauces with the right balance of spiciness and aroma.

Skipping the cold cuts and the cheese board, we moved on to the sashimi and sushi buffet counter, which included customized hand rolls. While the raw fish may not be the best we have tried, the variety and sheer quantity on offer at The Line made up for that.

On we went to the freshly made pasta (with your choice of sauce), which was so good we were tempted to have seconds. The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente, and the sauces were generously sprinkled with accompaniments such as roasted pine nuts.

At the hawker noodle station, we found heaps of seafood toppings, which we absolutely loved.

Not wanting to miss the grill, we sampled barbecued fish and ribs. Prepared on the spot (as is most of the food at The Line’s buffet), they were juicy and not overdone. Our taste for barbecued meat led us to the Cantonese roast meats. With crispy skins and pink succulent flesh, they reminded us of the famous handiwork of Shang Palace chefs.

Most fascinating of all was the dessert buffet. The chocolate fondue fountain’s constantly cascading flow of chocolate caused children (and some adults) to stop in their tracks and drool. A tray of strawberries and marshmallows on skewers sat next to the fountain, waiting to be dipped and eaten. Next to the fountain was the colorful “teppanyaki” ice cream bar. We chose our ice cream and toppings, which were then folded together on a cold griddle. Though we felt very full, that did not stop us from being tempted by the array of cheesecakes, pies, mousses, Thai sweets, Malay cakes, French crepes and Belgian waffles.

Aptly named The Line for the total, seamless dining experience it offers, this restaurant sets a new standard for buffets in Singapore. Restaurant opens 24 hours.