LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant | Amoy Street

Meat eaters who think that vegetarian food won’t fill them up should give this restaurant a try. One look at its menu and a quick tour of its dim sum buffet will quickly reveal that veggies can make a full—and interesting—meal. Comprising a wide variety of greens, quality line-up of soups and the usual selection of Chinese noodles, the food was definitely substantial and generally good value for money. Our sautéed yam basket came filled to the brim with crunchy asparagus, water chestnuts and other yummy veggies, and made a good impression. The fried Szechuan noodles were enough for three, and pretty tasty too. But our favorites were—Bag of Treasures with silky tofu stuffed in soft beancurd skin coated in oyster sauce and topped off with sweet wolfberries, and Crowned Eggplant that featured chunks of eggplant adorned with crispy dough crowns. We underestimated the bulk of these dishes, and struggled to finish them. The service was brisk and efficient, so while the food wasn’t mind blowing, it was certainly satisfying and worth coming back for now and again.