Liquid Kitchen

You know your ’hood is going upscale when an establishment like Liquid Kitchen pops up. With its first branch on Upper Thompson Rd, Liquid Kitchen has with this branch expanded to River Valley Rd, in the corner lot where Blue Cow used to be. A predominantly funky orange and blue color scheme shouts out to passersby and drivers, eliciting curious glances. Understated DIY lights, mosaic features, retro-esque seats—in the same color scheme—are features that say kitsch everywhere. We parked ourselves and were quickly attended to by a cheery waitress who provided us with plush cushioned menus. A quick perusal revealed an extensive selection: Glasses of French red and white house wines at $11.50 each, a mug of Tiger beer for $6.90 and a jug for $21.50, a good selection of cocktails and varied items for finger food, appetizers, mains and desserts. This place is a bar, lounge and diner all in one. We went for a jug of beer to kick off the night. Our first dishes were a finger food serving of lamb masala with an accompaniment of bread, and Boston clam chowder. The lamb masala came in a generous portion, and the bread was lightly toasted, which was surprising but nice. We liked the lamb that was spicy but not too hot, and its gravy that we mopped up with our bread. Unfortunately, the clam chowder tasted more of fish than clams and lacked flavor. More beer ensued. And what goes better with beer than a pie? We were informed that the steak and Tiger pie was enough for two, and we saw why when it arrived steaming hot with pastry overflowing from the lasagne baking dish. The pastry wasn’t as puffy as we would have preferred, but the insides more than made up for that. We found generous servings of tender spiced beef cubes, diced carrots, celery, mushrooms and green peas, which were supposedly cooked in Tiger beer although we couldn’t tell. Each steaming spoonful was accompanied with thick gravy and pastry, which we washed down with more beer—definitely a hearty dish. Before we got too inebriated, our order of “ultimate” chocolate fondue was served. It’s called “ultimate” because you get a choice of liquors that can be added to the chocolate. We recommend Liquid Kitchen whether you’re looking for a drink or a hearty meal; it serves well for both.