Living Café & Deli

The idea of eating unprocessed and uncooked food (at café prices) may turn some people off, but for the initiated, there is no better way to detox. And over at The Living Café, one-part of wellness and holistic center Balanced Living at Bukit Timah, you can do both in a comfortably warm and trendy setting.

The dining space downstairs sits around 40, decked out in white walls and floors for an appropriately clean and minimal look—it’s the way you hope your insides might look when you’re done. Everything about the café feels welcoming, from the cheery, knowledgeable waitstaff to the very pretty dessert counter and smooth jazz and downtempo—this could quickly become our favorite new brunch joint.

The café’s signature raw taco boats ($13) was nothing short of excellent. The taco boats are a clever spin on mock taco meat served on two huge romaine lettuce leaves with the kind of ample serving of guacamole and mango salsa that could convert even the most determined meat-eater. Somewhat more curious (but still a hit) is the raw zucchini lasagna ($20). Served fridge-cold, it’s made out of zucchini slices layered with ample tomato slices and accompanied by a moreish marinara sauce.

And with raw food this good, the pasta, sandwiches and meat dishes on the menu feel like an unnecessary concession to mainstream tastes. Desserts? Nah, we were on our best behavior.

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