The buzz: The sister outlet of Club Street staple Lolla focuses on small and simple dishes made with quality ingredients.

The vibe: The open concept restaurant is undeniably airy but still cozy. With minimalist light wooden furniture and booth seats, the predominantly white space is a Scandinavian interior designer’s dream come true. It’s buzzing on most nights, with the kitchen as the main focus of the space.

The food: Small sharing plates of offcuts and offal are the name of the game. The daily ever-changing menu means that only two-thirds of the menu remain for a few weeks. While there are safe options like roast chicken ($25) and roasted barramundi ($33), the restaurant shines when preparing offal-centric dishes of roasted lamb hearts ($18) that are the perfectly balance between sour and bitter notes, as well as the corned veal tongue with salsa verde ($45). The chargrilled wagyu ribeye cap ($55) had the perfect amount of charred sear and the fat langoustines with seaweed butter ($21) are a crowd favorite. Depending on how much you eat, groups of at least four are recommended—consider yourself warned, it’s very easy for the bill to climb.

The drinks: One thing that stands out is the expansive by-the-glass menu comprising some 20 glasses of boutique wines. While they’re not cheap by any means, it’s nice to be able to change wines with each course. Notably, glasses like the Italian Soave Classico from Pieropan ($31.50/glass) is light but still interesting, and the red Portuguese Meao Quinta de Vale ($49/glass) is medium-bodied and funky.

Why you’ll be back: Great atmosphere aside, this is a must for adventurous eaters.