Lucca’s Trattoria

Robertson Quay’s new restaurant serves up traditional, home-cooked Italian cusine from Lucca, a city in Tuscany. The 70-seater space mimics a quaint European bistro with plush leather dining booths, exposed red brick walls, red checked table cloths, wooden furniture and an open kitchen-simple, comfortable and none-too-fancy.

There are, of course, quintessential classics like pizzas, pastas and risotto ($18-25) but if you’d like a different spin on old favorites, order plates like Pollo Euva ($24), pizza topped with chicken, seedless grapes, tarragon leaves and pine nuts; and the gorgonzolla E frutta ($23), a medley of prunes, dates and apricots. Heartier dishes include mains like chicken Milanese ($25), breaded chicken escallops in creamy gravy and the bistecca ($34), grilled rib-eye steak in marsala gravy. Wash it all down with drinks ranging from beers, whiskies, cognas, rums and gins ($10-25), to fruity aperitifs ($10-12).